“Errappa” is a Blue Light Outdoor Adventure Camp for a range of young people in South Australia. It aims to establish positive relationships with police officers, provide recreational opportunities and increase participants self-esteem.

Errappa’s Mission: Working in partnerships with young people, the wider community and agencies to promote leadership, team building, self esteem, a sense of responsibility and respect for oneself and others in the community.

Camps are hosted for 46 weeks of each year for young people.

A camp programme is prepared for the 2 to 4 day duration using physical and challenging obstacle courses and other positive self improvement activities. The camp will be supervised by fully qualified police officers. Errappa’s Supervisors are sworn South Australian Police who are fully qualified Camp Facilitators, accredited in outdoor areas of expertise, continually updating their qualifications to be at the cutting edge in their field.

Supervisors base their role around empowering camp participants to make their own decisions while encouraging personal growth by setting challenges that take participants out of their comfort zone.

Errappa’s programs are driven by the philosophy of partnerships between
police and participants at a social level to break down the barriers to develop
positive relationships and reduce youth crime.

For more information follow the link  or please call:  08) 86462109




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