Blue Light SA Inc. was initiated in 1982 by the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Community Programs Support Branch to better promote Police and Youth relations.

It provides young people with entertainment and activities in an environment free from drugs, alcohol, violence and bullying.  Specially trained SAPOL Officers, Civilian SAPOL Employees and Community Volunteers supervise the entertainment and activities conducted by Blue Light SA Inc. Without their support many programs would not operate.

Blue Light SA is responsible for:

  • Discos,
  • Camps,
  • Living Skills Programs,
  • Movie Discos,
  • Mentoring Programs,
  • School Visits,
  • Educational Visits.

Blue Light SA Inc. has developed into a Crime Reduction Initiative which aims primarily at identifying and addressing the needs of young people who are at risk.

Young people may be at risk because they come from a dysfunctional home, are economically disadvantaged, have come into contact with police or youth services or have been identified by parents, friends or teachers as being likely to come into contact with the Juvenile Justice System.

The achievements of Blue Light SA Inc. are a credit to all who have committed their time and effort to provide entertainment and supervised activities for the young people of South Australia.